French-Greenlandic gastronomy

The Ipiutaq´s cooking spirit: from local and traditional products to a french "savoir-faire"... the whale skin - called mattak in greenlandic -is served with some "angelica-garlic-rosemary pickles"... spices scones with fresh angelica are served with "dried apricot-angelica chutney"...

                             Agathe Devisme


Read a text about the origins of Agathe´s cooking...
in english, in french or in danish.


Recipes for one of our gourmet menus...

 Some of Agathe´s recipes

Spicy scones and Ipiutaq chutney
in english, in french, in danish

French-Greenlandic Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew) in english, in french, in danish

Agathe´s apple and rhubarb cake in english, in french, in danish

Inspiration from the nature for taste and design

Greenlandic prawns, wild plants, berries, angelica cream and cookies...

French cooking with Greenlandic reindeer meat

Dried and smoked reindeer meat is prepared by Narajaq and comes from Isortoq Reindeer Station. We serve it with french "mini-clafoutis" cooked with wild greenlandic sorrel.


Our favorite recipe for reindeer meat is the french "daube", kind of stew, cooked with vegetables, greenlandic plants and spices: angelica, greenlandic labrador tea, thyme...

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