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photo: Bob Willis

"What a friendly start on the rock of Ipiutaq! And it went on like this: amazing food, a wonderful concept of guesthouse, a comfortable house with lovely views and the friendliness of Agathe, Kalista and Ina..."

Claudia & Ullrich Kirsch, Germany, 2014


"Thank you for all the care and fine dining. I have been on many fishing trips around the world and this is the best food I have ever had. It is also the best Arctic char fishing I have found. I caught over one hundred fish in three days and this is just great fishing. The time, effort and kindness make this a special place."

Bob Willis, Missouri, USA, 2014

photo: Yvonne Kyed


"Thank you for a very kind and hospitable reception. Your work has given wonderful results, and I am much impressed with the commitment to sustainability you have. You have created something very special."

Rasmus Helveg Petersen, Minister for Climate and Energy, Denmark, 2014


"Thank you for sharing your dreams and land with us. We really enjoyed learning about your journey through this challenging process of creating a piece of paradise in Greenland..."

Sucheta & Dipak Rawal, Atlanta, USA, 2014


"Thank you for showing us how surreal, poetic and beautiful life can be."

Thomas Egebo, Permanent Secretary of the Minister for Climate and Energy, Denmark, 2014


"We invaded your home - eleven load-speaking-laughing women - and we were warmly welcomed, thank you so much..."

Ladies-hikers, Nuuk, Greenland, 2014


"Kalista and Agathe´s house, where the little elf Ina is running... a poem, a praise of the life, of the happiness to be on earth, surrounded by nature... "

Marie-Hélène Fraïssé, Radio France-Culture, 2009


"It was a pleasure and a very special experience to meet you and to enjoy the hospitality of your home. "

Gerd & Pascal Wintermeyer, Germany, 2010


"A fantastic blending between the greenlandic and french cooking."

Lars & Maja Rønsager, Denmark, 2007


"A wonderful place and a warm-hearted family... a short but magnificent stay."

Nils Kiørboe & John Grandahl, Denmark, 2007



"With landscape so amazing and so much energy, you will create a little paradise where I hope to come back."

Cyrille, Switzerland, sailing boat Baloum Gwen, 2008


"It is a pleasure to stay at your home and the splendid surroundings. We will keep in mind for a long time the good food and your conduct of the project."

Marianne & Lise Bjerre, Denmark, 2007



"The peacefulness of the fjord and the mountains is very special. A true place to come and be one with the beauty of Greenland."

Sue Robbins, Wisconsin, USA, 2007


"A delicious goûter with Agathe´s madeleines... in sumptuous and unusual surroundings."

Christine Chaulieu, French Ambassy in Copenhagen, 2007




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