History of Ipiutaq guest farm


Spring 2021, Ipiutaq guest farm is sold


Since the 15th of April 2021, the guesthouse and Ipiutaq guest farm´s tourist activities have been taken over by Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary, an international firm based in Greenland. 

Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary and Ipiutaq guest farm will be developed on the same line, welcoming guests from all over the world who wish to enjoy a somptuous remote nature. 

See a press article about the sale

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2021, a new year in another world



After an uncertain transition year in the South of France, Ina, Agathe and Kalista moved to Bornholm at the end of October 2020. They found the right place, Pilegård, just before Christmas, and settled there on 1st of February 2021, at a few steps from the Baltic Sea. The project is to create again some tourist and agricultural activities following "Ipiutaq spirit". 

Press article in the Bornholm´s newspaper

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and if you wish to read the complete article.


South Bornholm, on the beach, a few steps from Pilegård


2020, on the way to another world



After more than 10 years of amazing life and work at Ipiutaq, Ina, Agathe and Kalista left the place and their most loyal fellow partners, the sheep. Their project is to settle on another island: Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.


December 2019, the farm Ipiutaq is sold



On the 9th of December 2019, Agathe Devisme and Kalista Poulsen sold their farm and sheep to Chris Papis, a Greenlandic farmer. 


Summer 2019: farvel loppemarked... goodbye brocante



2019, the last year



New chickens arrived on the icy rock of Ipiutaq



On the 14th of January 2018, two new chickens arrived from Qaqortoq, kindly sailed in a cold windy weather by Polar-tut boat. They landed at Ipiutaq on the icy rock from where they went up to the "warm" sheepfold, their new home...


2018, year of our sheep, our most loyal fellow partners



A new inhabitant at Ipiutaq guest farm



On the 8th of September 2017, a new little partner, Jim´s son, gift from Nukassi Frederiksen, farmer in Qassiarsuk, arrived to Ipiutaq.


We named him Ari, an icelandic name meaning "fast flying one".


2017, a bright year...



2016, a hopeful year...



At Ipiutaq guest farm, 2015 has been a kind of bad luck year... full of foxes with rabies, dryness and the loss of our wonderful dogs. Therefore 2016 is a hopeful year!


A new inhabitant at Ipiutaq guest farm


Early December 2015, after a long trip from the danish countryside and up the frozen fjord, a young Border Collie arrived at Ipiutaq.


His name is Jim, he is following the tracks of Ali and Ilan and brings us some hope for 2016.


Two canine guardian angels up Ipiutaq...


On the 11th of September 2015, our two wonderful brothers, friends and partners had to pass away after a terrible unlucky encounter with a poor fox infected with rabies.


They became for ever our magnificent guardian angels.


Delicacies and colors on ice for 2015



From 2015 and before, at Ipiutaq, WE ARE CHARLIE, NOUS SOMMES CHARLIE


Alternative energy for a guest farm


photo: Karen A. Motzfeldt

photo: Karen A. Motzfeldt


A green future for agriculture and tourism ...


On the 19th of August 2014, the Danish and Greenlandic ministers of Environment - Rasmus Helveg Petersen and Kim Kielsen - together with their delegations, visited Ipiutaq guest farm as one of the good examples in Greenland for small scale sustainable energy production.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the delegations visited the farm, guesthouse and energy installations, ending with an outdoor afternoon buffet.


See the presentation folder by Ipiutaq guest farm

Read more in the press


Extracts of the 2015 New Year speech by Kim Kielsen, first minister:

"... For eksempel har en familie i Sydgrønland kombineret madoplevelser og udnyttelsen af grøn energi, som et koncept til moderne og miljøbevidste turister. Jeg besøgte sammen med den danske klimaminister det fåreholdersted i sommers. Jeg bliver så glad og stolt, når jeg ser den form for nytænkning – det kan vi alle lære af... "


A Noah´s Ark of ices for 2014



At Ipiutaq guest farm, we hope 2014 will be full of skys, lights, animals, good surprises, a little of ices and a lot of happiness!


A new inhabitant at Ipiutaq guest farm


On 19th of December 2013, once again just for the cook´s birthday...


... a cute very young Border Collie arrived at Ipiutaq.


His name is Ilan and after a few days, they were best friends with Ali, his partner.


First artist in residence at Ipiutaq guest farm


                                                              photo: Julie Fischer

During winter 2013, Julie Fischer, artist photographer, have been working on her art by sharing our life and work at Ipiutaq.


See on her website her personal exhibition "Ventre Gris" presented in Paris in December 2013.


See also an article about her work and Ipiutaq guest farm´s proposal for an artist residence (in French).


The first fishing concession in Greenland


photo: Bob Willis

Since June 2013, the clear water river Ilua, located in the neighbor valley behind the farm and well known for arctic char fishing, is under a concession from the Government of Greenland. 

Read more


Prize of the Year 2012 from Kalaallit Nunaanni Brugseni




On the 12th of February 2013, Ipiutaq guest farm received the Prize of the Year 2012 from the Greenlandic co-operatives societies Brugseni (KNB). This Prize is shared together with Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. 


The National Board of KNB has decided that the Prize of the Year 2012 should be given for enhancement of "Greenlandic food products", which are part of the Brugseni´s CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility strategy) including also health an environment.


Ipiutaq guest farm received the Prize of the Year for its work with agro-tourism and sheep breeding in South Greenland.


"... Agathe Devisme and Kalista Poulsen have created a paradise for tourists in Ipiutaq, attracting the global tourist who can experience nature, agriculture and the French-Greenlandic cuisine..." (by Poul Krarup, in Sermitsiaq, 15th of February 2013)


Read the acknowledgments from Ipiutaq guest farm


Read an article in the press


See also press releases from the Kujalleq Municipality, Sermitsiaq and New Nordic Food


Greenland´s Nature and Environment award for 2012


                                           photo: Ole Mølgaard Motzfeldt



                                           photo: Ole Mølgaard Motzfeldt

On the 11th of February 2013, Ipiutaq guest farm received Greenland´s Nature and Environment award for 2012 in the category "To increase the environmental awareness for all of us".


Ane Oarie Olrik from Qeqertarsuaq, Andreas Larsen from Akunnaaq and Karl Lynge from Ilulissat received the award for 2012 in the category "Nature and environment without waste".


The Nature and Environment award is made by the Government of Greenland - Naalakkersuisut - "in recognition of people, institutions or organizations who take the initiative and lead in raising awareness of nature and the environment, or who with their projects, make a concrete effort to improve the environment in Greenland."


This award was given to Ipiutaq guest farm in recognition of the firm´s efforts over the last years to save energy and reduce its impact on the environment: alternative energy with solar panels and a coming windmill, waste sorting and recycling, use of local products and constant attention to the environment in the everyday life.


The ceremony took place at Ipiutaq guest farm where Agathe Devisme and Kalista Poulsen received the environmental award from Simon Simonsen, mayor of Kommune Kujalleq, the Municipality of South Greenland, on behalf of Anthon Frederiksen, Minister for Domestic Affairs, Nature and the Environment.


Read the acknowledgments from Ipiutaq guest farm

Read an article in the press

See also press releases from the Greenlandic Government, the Kujalleq Municipality and KNR radio


2013, a blue year !



Invitation to the first Food Festival in Greenland


On the 4th and 5th of September 2012, Ipiutaq guest farm took part in Greenland´s first food festival that was organized in South Greenland.



Some home-made delicacies and postcards were presented outside the restaurant Ban Thaï in Qaqortoq... 

...where Agathe Devisme was invited as guest chef.

The restaurant was fully booked with 45 guests who enjoyed the Ipiutaq gourmet menu "French-Greenlandic taste from the farm":


Greenlandic delicacies, Ipiutaq pickles with roseroot and angelica

                                               photo: Ina Devisme-Poulsen


Greenlandic bouillabaisse (fish stew with local fish and wild herbs): recipe in English, French, Danish


Agathe´s rhubarb and apple cake: recipe in English, French, Danish

See the Food Festival program here


First outdoor buffet at Ipiutaq guest farm


On the 15th of August 2012, one more of our dreams came true:


we had the pleasure of arranging our first outdoor buffet in the fields of Ipiutaq and welcoming the Bank of Greenland´s board of directors.

The weather was exceptionally beautiful and it has been a very hearty and convivial afternoon for everybody.

See the menu here


Prizes for Ipiutaq lamb meat and sheep breeding


In 2012, Kalista Poulsen and Agathe Devisme have won the prize from the Greenlandic Agricultural Consulting Services as the best sheep breeders in Greenland, with the highest average slaughter weight of 18,5 kg in 2011.
They also won the prize from the Greenlandic Association of Young Farmers for the quality of their lamb meat, following the EUROP classification of carcases conformation with 67,58 % of EUR.

2012, a colorful year...



Fresh eggs all year round at Ipiutaq guest farm


On the 22nd of november 2011, three hens and one cock arrived at Ipiutaq guest farm...
 ... to have fresh eggs in the winter was a dream that came true on the 19th of december 2011... just for the cook´s birthday!

Visit from the Bank of Greenland


                                         photo: Anne Mette Christiansen

On the 14th of september 2011, we had the pleasure to welcome Martin Kviesgaard, the Bank of Greenland´s general manager, Amma Knudsen, director of the branch in Qaqortoq with her husband Ole Peter Kleist, and Anne Mette Christiansen from CSR Greenland (Corporate Social Responsibility for Greenland).
It gave us the opportunity to thank them again for the great support we received from the Bank of Greenland.

A Greenlandic artist at Ipiutaq guest farm



Ipiutaq is an ideal place for inspiration, silence, harmony with the nature, light, colors, water, taste, and all the beauty we are looking for.

From the start of our project, one of our dreams has been to blend our beautiful surroundings, gourmet food and art.


This summer (2011) at Ipiutaq, this dream came true with the stay of the Greenlandic artist Buuti, together with her husband, Ole G. Jensen, director of the museum in Qaqortoq, and their friend architect Jeppe Gitz-Johansen.

A french-greenlandic kaffemik gave us the opportunity to share our experiences about art and life. We hope this is just the start of a new adventure with art at Ipiutaq...

First proposal for a "résidence d´artiste" (in french)


Vagabond, a polar yacht at Ipiutaq guest farm



Another dream came true in the spring of 2011: we finally met with the team of Vagabond, a French expedition yacht designed to sail in icy waters. This sailing vessel is an unique logistic support, a floating and moving base camp for scientists, sportsmen or artists fond of polar regions.


During a warm-hearted evening on board, we could share our experiences and dreams together with the team, Eric Brossier and France Pinczon du Sel...


... and we thought the same: holding a remote sheep farm in Greenland and sailing aboard a polar yacht in the Arctic is the same: "a permanent expedition".


More pictures here


Meeting with a kayak expedition


                                                        photo: Karl Saint-Ellier

In July 2011, we had a surreal surprise by welcoming a kayak expedition with the Monegasque couple Nathalie and Alain Antognelli from Photo Team.

Entrepreneurs of the Year 2011 in Greenland


                                                           photo: Ninna Ottosen

On the 16th of march 2011, at the conference "Future Greenland" in Nuuk, Ipiutaq guest farm has won the title of Entrepreneur of the Year presented by the Bank of Greenland´s Trade Foundation.

Read more in the press

"We are very grateful and honored to receive this prize (...) Ipiutaq guest farm started as a dream in 2002. From that time, we have always believed that it would be possible to develop this very isolated place to show how Greenland can be open to the world and other cultures, through his own natural and cultural ressources (...)" Agathe  Devisme & Kalista Poulsen, acknowledgments, extracts

2011, a happy flying year !



Taste of Greenlandic ingredients in Nuuk...



                           photo:   Grønlands Arbejdsgiverforening

"Taste of Greenlandic ingredients" was the title of the food conference which was held on the 6th of october 2010, at Nipisa restaurant in Nuuk.

Agathe Devisme was presenting her experiences about development of concepts and products at Ipiutaq guest farm.

"... Ipiutaq guest farm is a whole concept based on natural and local ingredients, a french savoir-faire, the beauty of the nature and our own graphic design..."


Read an article about the conference in Aurora, Grønlandsarbejdsgiverforenings medlemsblad, december 2010 (in danish or greenlandic)

See the program of the presentation

Agathe Devisme and chef Rune Collin at Nipisa, sharing experiences with Greenlandic ingredients.

The Nordic Council of Ministers at Ipiutaq guest farm


On the 4th of september 2010, the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Business and Regional policy (Nordic Council of Ministers), invited by the Government of Greenland, visited Ipiutaq guest farm as "an example of a creative industry, a specific regional experience and an agro-tourist activity".

                                                      photo: Philippe Devisme

"... Det er utroligt hvad entusiasme og visioner kan gøre for et sted... "

"... It is incredible what enthusiasm and visions can do for a place... "

in Ipiutaq´s Guest Book, by the Committee of Senior Officials for Business and Regional policy

See the menu of the day... (in danish)


A new inhabitant at Ipiutaq guest farm


On 5th of july 2010, our new partner arrived at Ipiutaq...


... a beautiful young Border Collie, gift from Suka and Sofus Frederiksen, from the sheep farm Narsap Ilua.


His name is Ali and he has already his "small home" here.



The first lamb at Ipiutaq guest farm


On 6th of may 2010, our first lamb was born at Ipiutaq guest farm.
Our lambs and sheep are leaving to the mountains and green pastures where they stay until september.

Sponsoring for fashion design and Greenlandic seal skin


In july 2010, Ipiutaq guest farm was sponsoring the event "Support the Inuit culture", a fashion show presented by Great Greenland and Isaksen design at the Pantomime Theatre - Tivoli in Copenhagen.
In february 2010, during the CPH Vision (the fashion week in Copenhagen), the special event "Arctic Elements" introduced the inspiring cultural heritage of Greenland in the Greenlandic artist´s fashion design.
A selection of innovative Greenlandic specialities was also presented by our partner Isaksen design, such as our dried angelica leaves.

Read more about our
home-made delicacies and our partnership with Isaksen design

2010, first all year round at Ipiutaq...



Internet, phone and solar energy


From october 2009, Ipiutaq guest farm is no longer "at the ends of the earth"... an internet and phone connection makes us closer to everyone.
From june 2009, with solar panels on our house, we reduced by half our fuel consumption during summertime.

All year round with sheep


Since april 2009, we are living all year round at Ipiutaq...
... and since October 2009, 300 sheep are living at Ipiutaq.

2009, on the way to Ipiutaq...




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