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By air... with plane or helicopter


To reach Narsarsuaq airport in South Greenland, you can choose to fly from Denmark (Copenhagen) or from Iceland (Reykjavik)... Read more

Depending on your flights, it can be necessary to spend a night in Copenhagen or in Reykjavik if you are flying from another country.

From Reykjavik Domestic airport (Iceland)
Flights to Narsarsuaq in 2019

on tuesdays and saturdays from 17th of june to 1st of september
From Copenhagen airport (Denmark)


Flights to Narsarsuaq in 2019
- on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays from 20th of june to 29th of august 
You can also fly to Narsaq heliport from Narsarsuaq airport, Qaqortoq or Nanortalik:
Disko Line

photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier


By water... with boat or kayak


It is also possible to arrive or to leave by boat, with the "coastal boat" Sarfaq Ittuk sailing between Ilulissat and Narsaq.

For example, on your way back, you could sail from Narsaq to Ilulissat and arrange your trip with a flight back from there.


Read more about Sarfaq Ittuk

To reach Ipiutaq from Narsarsuaq or Narsaq, you can choose sailing, kayaking or hiking...


For boat transfers or renting a kayak, we can book for you or you can contact:


Blue Ice Explorer
tel. +299 66 54 99 /+299 49 73 71

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions
tel. +299 66 50 10 /+299 25 97 55


By land... hiking


You can also decide to hike to Ipiutaq, from Narsaq or Qassiarsuk (Narsarsuaq).


You can find more information about hiking in Greenland here



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