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The ideal place for a guest farm...


Ipiutaq guest farm is a sheep farm located in an area of stunning wilderness in South Greenland.

The renovation started in 2005 and since then, the family Devisme-Poulsen has been working to develop and improve the place.

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One of the best places for Arctic char fishing in Greenland...


photo: Han Van Vierssen

Ilua river offers a unique Arctic char fishing adventure in a sumptuous nature.


photo: Antonio Anghileri

Agathe´s gravad Arctic char


Press articles about Arctic char fishing


photo: Han Van Vierssen

About arctic char fishing at Ipiutaq guest farm, in Fiske Avisen 2011 (in Danish), in Nieuwsberichten 2011 (in Dutch), in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying 2012 (in English), on Islands Trout site (or download the article) 2014 (in English), and in FlyLife magazine Australia & New Zealand 2017 (in English).

photo: Antonio Anghileri

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Due to the sale of the company, this website is under transformation.



Meals Activities

"Ipiutaq", a short film


"Ipiutaq" with Ralph Grizzle, by Wonderful Copenhagen. You can watch the video here


photo: Philippe Devisme

Warm and personal welcome...


From 2007 to 2019, Agathe and Kalista have been welcoming their guests in their home... Speaking several languages, they liked to tell them stories about Greenland and Ipiutaq guest farm adventure.

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Vacation package


Ipiutaq guest farm was offering tailor made packages inclunding boat transfers sailing you at the ends of the earth.

photo: Camilla Hey

French-Greenlandic gastronomy


The Ipiutaq guest farm´s cooking spirit: from local and traditional products to a French "savoir-faire".



The Ipiutaq stone soup


In 2011, one of Agathe´s childhood dreams came true: the Ipiutaq stone soup... la soupe aux cailloux d´Ipiutaq, Ipiutaq skærve bouillon...



Cooking: the meeting of cultures in Greenland


Read more about the origins of Agathe´s cooking... in English, in French or in Danish.



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2022, a year of

setting up and peace


Our protective mountains have been replaced by these trees, less protective but just as majestic.

After one year on Bornholm, we´re starting to feel home again and working to set up Bornholm farm épicerie.

Of course, such a change of life while the world is so uncertain is creating some challenges that are slowing down the process. But we hope to be able to build up a place according to our "Ipiutaq spirit" and welcome visitors before having too many grey hairs!

In the meantime, Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary is also working on taking over Ipiutaq guest farm with tourist activities and the fishing concession on Ilua river.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Ipiutaq guest farm is sold

Since the 15th of April 2021, the guesthouse and Ipiutaq guest farm´s tourist activities have been taken over by Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary, an international firm based in Greenland.

Ipiutaq Arctic Char Sanctuary and Ipiutaq guest farm will be developed on the same line, welcoming guests from all over the world who wish to enjoy a sumptuous remote nature.

See a press article about the sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


2021, a new year

in another world

At the end of 2020, the family Devisme-Poulsen moved to the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.


2020, on the way

to another world...


In December 2019, after more than 10 years of amazing life and work at Ipiutaq, the family Devisme-Poulsen sold their farm and sheep to Chris Papis, a Greenlandic farmer from Qassiarsuk, and left the place and their most loyal fellow partners.


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