Home-made delicacies with wild plants

There are plenty of wild plants in the nature just around the farm.

We use these plants in our cuisine and to prepare some home-made delicacies that our guests can taste in their meals and bring back to their home.

Dried angelica leaves with timianDried angelica seeds
Cooked angelica stemsChutney, pickles, jams and spices

To know more about Greenlandic products...

Ingredients from the Greenlandic nature in our menus

At Ipiutaq, there is no marketplace just around the corner, but it is a pleasure to get our fresh ingredients in the nature near the farm and use them in our kitchen...

Angelica stems just after harvest
Air-drying of angelica leaves

Cutting of angelica stems

Angelica cooking with oignons
Bread with angelica seeds
Agathe´s apple and angelica cake
Recipe in english, french, danish
Gathering of wild sorrel
Preparation of sorrel salad
Wild sorrel cooking for soup
Sorrel soup, angelica bread

Cake with arctic bilberries

Mattak (whale skin) served with mountain crowberries
Alpine juniper for tea or meat
Scots lovage and arctic thyme
Angelica cream and cookies with...... arctic harebell


Harvest of birch bolete...

photo: Soizic Watrin

... drying for the winter

Harvest of roseroot
Roseroot pickles, "gravad" salmon
Arctic char in the workshopArctic char with sorrel sauce

Greenlandic mussels...... on the beach



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