Arctic char fishing in Ilua river


First fishing concession in Greenland

photo: Erlendur Gudmundsson

photo: Thorolfur Gunnarsson

photo: Han Van Vierssen

photo: Fons Van Westerloo

From June 2013, the river and lake system Ilua is under a fishing concession from the Government of Greenland.


The conditions for fishing in Ilua are described in the concession regulations that we provide to anglers who are fishing at Ipiutaq guest farm.


For non-residents, a fee per person and per day is charged for the rights of fishing in the concession area of Ilua:


- 645 DKK (86,55 €) for angler not staying overnight at Ipiutaq guest farm,

- 535 DKK (71,80 €) for angler staying overnight at Ipiutaq guest farm.


Notice! Only barbless single hooks are allowed for fishing in the concession of Ilua river and lake in order to have a better catch and release fishing.


                       photo: Phil Cobham                                    photo: Phil Cobham


While fishing in the concession area of Ilua, it is not necessary to have a fishing license. Only the fishing rights for the concession are required.


But if you wish to fish in the fjord just down the guesthouse or at the end of the lake, you will be required to have a fishing license. We can include it in your fishing stay or you can download directions on how to obtain a fishing license here.


                                       photo: Bob Willis                           photo: Antonio Anghileri


Contact us to see a map of the concession area


The river and lake system Ilua

photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier

The clear flowing river Ilua is one of the best places for Arctic char fishing in Greenland, located in the neighbour valley, at about 30 to 40 minutes hiking from the farm.


photo: Adrien Saint-Ellier

The main river is about 3 km and offers an interesting diversity of sections, such as rapid flowing water, deep clear pools or waterfalls and rocky places.


                                    photo: Bob Willis                                       photo: Bob Willis

The river flows into a 2,5 km long lake connected to the fjord through a stretch of river where a lot of fish are swimming up at high-tides...

Contact us to get our fact sheet about Arctic char fishing at Ipiutaq guest farm in English or in French


You can read more in Fiske Avisen 2011 (in Danish), in Nieuwsberichten 2011 (in Dutch), in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying 2012 (in English), on Islands Trout site (or download the article) 2014 (in English), in FlyLife Magazine Australia & New Zealand 2017 (in English). 


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After a wonderful fishing day...


If you wish to come for an unique fishing adventure and enjoy our gourmet food in remote and amazing surroundings, we can arrange your fishing stay, including transport from and to the airport.


Please, contact us for more information.

photo: Antonio Anghileri

photo: Han Van Vierssen

photo: Han Van Vierssen

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